How to Draft a Thai Fisherman Pants Pattern without a Hassle

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Last updated: August 19, 2023
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Thai fisherman pants are a unique set of unisex trousers slowly becoming popular around the world. The reason for their popularity is because of the level of comfort they provide when wearing them. These pants find their origin in a traditional Thai garment that was commonly worn by Thai fishermen early on in Thailand’s history.

However, now, not only fishermen wear these pants but other people too, from places outside of Thailand as well. This might be because the Thai fisherman pants pattern is quite easy to work with and allows you to make these pants from the comfort of your own home.

The best thing about these pants has to be that they are loose-fitted, making them suitable to wear for any body type. In this article, we’ll teach you how to make your own pair of Thai fisherman pants, guiding you at each step to make the process an easy and fun one!

How to Sew Thai Fisherman Pants

Before deciding on sewing Thai fisherman pants for yourself, you must understand the purpose behind these pants. Because of their loose-fitting, they are multipurpose, ideal for both active and casual wear. You can wear them at home when you’re relaxing and even outside, either at an outdoor party, any physical activity or for a yoga retreat.

A recent study found that revelaring, and tight clothing can negatively impact your workout performance. So, why not wear Thai fisherman pants?

Their style is such that they are suitable to wear for both men and women, making these pants a sought-after piece of clothing. We hope to answer the most common questions about how to make Thai fisherman pants patterns are easy to follow and even alter according to your personal style.

What About the Size?

Thai fisherman pants are unique mainly because of their size: one size fits all! This is because they are wide, especially in the waist area and then a ribbon or sash is used as a belt to tie the pants securely around the waist.

The excess material is also tightly wrapped around and then folded over the knot. Sized in such a way, these pants are cozy and roomy, allowing your legs space to breathe and for you to move around freely.

However, it must be made clear that just because they are one size fits all doesn’t mean that any size would look good on you. It’s always better to take your measurements before starting to sew these Thai fisherman pants. Otherwise, they might end up being too long or too short or might have too much excess material that will end up completely ruining your look.

What Fabric to Choose?

The good thing about Thai fisherman trousers patterns is that you can make them with almost any kind of fabric. The original and most common ones are made of cotton or rayon, however, as they’ve become global, people have started experimenting with a lot of different kinds of fabric. These include hemp, bamboo, silk, linen, and even denim.

Deciding the fabric for your Thai fisherman pants depends largely on the purpose you intend to use them for. If you want a casual look, especially for a hot summer day, then cotton might be the best choice because it’s soft and breathable.

However, if you want to fancy it up a little, you can sew your pants from silk, allowing for a more formal and classy look. You can also alternate from having a fabric that is of a solid color, or something with a printed pattern, or even some pretty embroidery on it!

Tools and Materials

Before starting to sew anything, it’s always recommended to keep all your tools and materials in one place. This will make the process smoother and will help avoid any unnecessary disturbances. These pants are quite cost-friendly and convenient to make as they only require a few tools and materials, most of which can be found lying in your house somewhere.

For the step-by-step guide we’re about to give you, you’ll need:

  • Around two meters of fabric (any material will do)
  • A matching thread
  • A pair of scissors

Once you have these things in front of you, you can get cracking on making your own special pair of Thai fisherman trousers!

Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make a Thai fisherman pants pattern and then sew it all together:

Step 1: Cutting

The first step is to lay out your fabric and cut it into the pieces that will be then sewed together into making your fisherman pants. This can be done in two ways:

  • The first and most accurate way to go about this is to draw the pattern on a piece of paper (with all the correct measurements), cut it out and then hold the cut out against your fabric.

  • After doing this, you can carefully cut your fabric around the pattern with a pair of scissors, and voila, you have your separate pieces all cut out and ready to sew

The other and easier way is as follows:

  • Just outline the pattern straight onto your fabric and cut it out
  • However, things might not be as clean-cut this way, so it’s recommended to make the pattern on paper first, especially if you are a beginner
  • This might take more time, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry

For this pair of pants, you have to have a total of five separate pieces of fabric:

  1. First, is the rectangle-shaped top panel, which should be 9.8 inches in length and 29.5 inches in width. Cut out a total of two such pieces, both with the exact same measurements.
  2. Then for the legs, the measurements are supposed to be 33-1/2 inches in length and 29-1/2 inches in width (you can change these numbers around according to your own height and what length would feel right on you).
  3. Again, with this, you have to cut out two pieces of fabric, one for each leg. This is not a rectangular shape, so you will also have to cut away a curved 20×4-inch strip on each side.
  4. With this, you will have four pieces of fabric all cut and ready.
  5. The fifth and final piece is a slim piece of fabric, 6cm in width and 140cm in length. This piece will be acting as the tie to your Thai fisherman pants and will be used to wrap the pants securely around your waist.

Important: One final thing to remember when cutting your fabric is to add some space for the seams. 0.5 inches all around should be good enough.

Step 2: Sewing

After cutting out your five pieces of fabric, just follow this simple guide in the sequence that it’s written. This way you’ll easily be able to sew the pieces together to make a perfect pair of Thai fisherman pants:

  1. Take the two top panels and sew the shorter ends (those that are 25cm in length) together. This should form one large hoop
  2. Hem the top edge of this hoop
  3. Now take the two pieces of fabrics meant to be for the legs and fold both in half
  4. Sew the center front seam together and then after that, the center back seam
  5. After this, sew the inseam (the area towards the inside of your leg), starting from the top to the bottom
  6. Once your legs are sewn together, you can attach the sewed top panel to the sewed legs
  7. For the tie, construct a sash and sew it at the back of the top panel, right at the center point
  8. Push the tie through the sash and just leave it be
  9. Finally, hem the legs at the bottom and you’re all done!

How to Wear Them?

You might find putting on your newly made Thai fisherman pants a bit tricky, so we’ll give you a brief guide. You have to slip them on as you do any pair of pants and then hold it away from you. Pull all this excess material against one side of your body and then wrap it around the rest.

After this, bring out the ties to hold all the materials in one place and make a tight and firm knot. Fold the material at the top over your ties.

Final Thoughts

There’s a big reason why Thai fisherman pants are gaining popularity: not only are they easy to carry but also easy to make on your own. They also offer great variety as you can make them with almost any kind of fabric and also play with colors and patterns.

We hope you have no difficulty in following the Thai fisherman pants pattern given above and that you’re able to have fun while sewing these pants. Especially, if you’re someone who is new to sewing, then Thai fisherman pants might be a great starting point, as they don’t require any specific or advanced level materials or techniques. It’s great how these pants can be used for almost any kind of occasion and still be so comfortable.

Have fun sewing and good luck!


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