How to Draw a 25-Yard Skirt Pattern in 9 Easy Steps

Check out the step-by-step instructions below and learn how to make a pattern without any hassle!
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Last updated: August 17, 2023
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Skirts have been in fashion for the longest time and you can find many different types of skirts. One type of skirt that is extremely popular is the 25-yard skirt. Also known as the belly dancer skirts, 25-yard skirts are extremely big and flowy. These skirts come with a 25-yard hemline that allows the person wearing them to move with flexibility as well as style.

Now you might be thinking how difficult of a task it would be to make a 25-yard skirt pattern. While it may be a long task, it is not a difficult one. Today, we will guide you through each and every step of working on a 25-yard skirt pattern!

Measurements You Need to Take

For the 25-yard skirt, you will need precise measurements for a more customized fit. The great thing about making a skirt is that there are not a lot of measurements that you need to take. Here is how you can measure the areas correctly:

  1. Waistband: This will be the most important measurement that you take and luckily, it is very easy to measure. To identify the waist, look for the thinnest portion between your stomach. Then, take your measuring tape and loop it all round your waist. During the measurement, remain relaxed so that you get accurate measurements.How to Draw a 25-Yard Skirt Pattern in 9 Easy Steps
  2. Length Measurements: Now, we move on to measure the length of your body from the waist down. The length of your skirt depends upon you. You can either opt for a mini, midi, or long skirt. To take the measurement, start at the waist and place the measuring tape over there and then go all the way down to the place where you want your skirt to end. If you are finding difficulty in getting this measurement, ask a friend to help you with it.How to Draw a 25-Yard Skirt Pattern in 9 Easy Steps

Note down all the measurements on a piece of paper. Now we can move on to making the 25-yard skirt pattern!

Making a 25-Yard Skirt Pattern

If you look at the amount of fabric being used, making a 25-yard skirt may seem like a daunting task. But luckily, we are here to guide you through each and every thing!

What You Will Need

To make a 25-yard skirt pattern, you would require some tools and material to help with the project.

We suggest that it is always best to gather all your supplies beforehand so that you save time and won’t have to worry while working on the skirt.

Here is a list of all the things you will need while working on a 25-yard skirt:

  1. Lightweight fabric: For the skirt to be flowy, get a lightweight fabric. There are many different types of lightweight fabrics that you can get, including cotton. You can also get colorful prints for your skirt, like this Jaipur printed cotton. The amount of fabric that you need will depend on the length of skirt and fabric width that you need!
  2. Colored Threads: To stitch the skirt, get yourself some matching threads that will blend in with your fabric.
  3. Elastic: For the waist band, you will need a piece of elastic that will help hold your skirt at place.
  4.  Sewing pins: Sewing pins are a very versatile sewing tool, useful for holding different materials for different steps during sewing. You will need them throughout the process of drafting the skirt pattern so hold on to them.
  5. Sewing scissors: You will also be needing some scissors for cutting out the pattern and the fabric. Make sure that the scissors are sharp for precise cutting.
  6. Pattern making paper: This paper will be used for the designing and measurements of the skirt.
  7. Pencil: You will also be requiring some pencils to draw fine lines for the pattern. You can also use color pencils to distinguish between the different lines.
  8. Pattern master: This is like a ruler that will help you follow your lines and measurements when drafting the skirt pattern.
  9. Measuring tape: This is pretty self-explanatory, but you will be using measuring tape to get measurements of different areas for the skirt.
  10.  Cutting mat: To make sure that your workspace remains undamaged while working, get a cutting mat that will ensure that you don’t damage your work surface.
  11. Sewing machine: The most important tool of all! Sewing machine will help you stitch all your pieces together. For your ease, invest in an automatic sewing machine.

Step-by-Step Guide

The 25-yard skirt is extremely simple and easy to construct. We will be guiding you on how to make a 4-tiered skirt that has a 25-yard-long bottom tier. Each tier gets shorter as you go up. Here are the steps to make the skirt:

Step 1: To make the skirt, you can decide on the length and the number of tiers that you want, according to your own liking. Since we are working on a 4-tiered skirt, we will be getting 25-yard-long fabric for the bottom layer, 12.5 yards for the third layer, 6.25 yards for the second layer, and 3 yards for the first layer.

How to Draw a 25-Yard Skirt Pattern in 9 Easy StepsStep 2: Next, we work on the length of the skirt. Take your desired length and then add 3 inches to it. This will be your seam allowance. Then divide the total length by 4 for the height of each tier.

Step 3: Fold the fabric into half and make 5.5 inches cut lengthwise. Set this piece aside for the waistband.

How to Draw a 25-Yard Skirt Pattern in 9 Easy StepsStep 4: Using the entire fabric, cut each tier according to the length and width that you want, into 39 strips. After cutting, assemble the strips together for stitching.

How to Draw a 25-Yard Skirt Pattern in 9 Easy StepsStep 5: Starting from the top tier, do a straight stitch at 1 cm seam allowance. Do the same with other strips to make them connect. Then, cut 24 inches from the last seam so that it does not unravel. After doing this, sew the strips together to make a circle. This will be your 3-yard top tier.

How to Draw a 25-Yard Skirt Pattern in 9 Easy StepsStep 6: For the second tier, connect 5 strips and the leftover piece from the top tier. Cut the strip from the last seam at 4 inches and then stitch this 6.25-yard-long strip. For the third tier, connect 10 strips along with the leftover pieces from the second tier and cut off 8 inches of the seam before sewing. For the last tier, connect 21 strips and cut 20 inches from the seam. To make your stitching even better, make use of this seam ripper set

Step 7: Next, we move on to hemming the last tier. Roll your skirt along the edges and then finish it off by hemming.

How to Draw a 25-Yard Skirt Pattern in 9 Easy StepsStep 8: Stitch the tiers together to make the 25-yard skirt. Make 1-inch-wide folds on the tiers to help all the loose fabric of the longer tier disappear. You can eyeball this part, just make sure that all the pieces align well together.

This part will take a long time so put on some relaxing music and focus on it.

Step 9: Your skirt will come together once you stitch a waistband. Using the strip we set aside earlier, we will make a waistband. Insert elastic inside that fabric and stitch it together. Attach the waistband to your skirt and there you have it!

Final Thoughts

For many years, 25-yard skirts have been super popular. From wearing it casually to wearing it at dancing events, a 25-yard skirt offers great versatility.  And, what better way to wear this dress than to have it designed by yourself. Using the 25-yard skirt pattern, you can make your own skirts in any way that you want.

You can even buy skirts online like this 25-yard Jaipur skirt. If you’re thinking about customizing your own skirt, then you can always go back to the instructions mentioned above and make your own. You can always get creative with the pattern but do make sure that you make proper measurements. Have fun stitching!

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