8 Ways to Hang a Quilt With and Without Sewing

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Last updated: August 18, 2023
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So, you just made your first quilt and you can’t be more excited. Or maybe you just got the courage to hang the quilt that your grandma bequeathed to you. Regardless of the reason, knowing how to hang a quilt can easily improve the aesthetics of any room. That said, there are several ways you can hang your quilt. Some easier with little tools required, some cheaper than other options. And some may be a bit complex as they will require you to have some nice sewing skills. This should, however, not scare you as we shall explain how you can hang your quilt with ease and the different methods you can use. You will never have to worry about hanging your quilts and can now focus on designing your quilts.

No-sew hanging quilt methods

Using a sleeve is one of the most popular options when it comes to hanging quilts. But what if you would like a no-sew hanging quilt method? There are quite a number of hanging methods that won’t require you to sew the sleeves. Here are some that are worth considering.


8 Ways to Hang a Quilt With and Without Sewing

If you want your quilt to hang as easy as your home portraits or pictures then a hanger is a great choice. Whether you have a colorful or vintage quilt, you will always find an appropriate quilt hangers. Wall-mounted hangers are simple devices consisting of two strips of wood, which are either fastened by a magnet or a screw. All you have to do is to line the quilt edges between the wood strips. The screws never get to touch your precious vintage quilt so it will not be harmed in any way.

If you have a relatively smaller quilt then you can use closet quilt hangers. These often look like the normal clothes hanger, but can hold up to 40 pounds without bending in an embarrassing manner. They are also pretty long, which allow you to hang longer and heavier quilts. According to top reviews, Whitmor Crystal Skirt/Slack Hangers is the most durable slack hanger thanks to its high impact plastic build and smooth surface.

Towel rack

8 Ways to Hang a Quilt With and Without Sewing

A towel rack is a great option if you want to hang a quilt without nails. It can hold heavier quilts since you’ll have to mount it to your wall. It can also add some elegance to your room since most come in beautiful and unique designs. What’s more? You can place photos or other pieces of art that you have on top of the towel rack. The quilt will then hang elegantly below the rack using a long rod.

Quilt clamps

8 Ways to Hang a Quilt With and Without Sewing

Quilt clamps are also another easy way to hang your quilts. They come in handy when you often feel like changing your quilts depending on your mood or so. You can easily mount the quilt clamps on your wall with quilt clamps that resemble chip clips. Alternatively, there are also those that can be tightened manually with screws. One of the best things about quilt clamps is that they come in beautiful wood finishing or uniquely designed metal. A quick look at some of the top reviews reveals that Precision Quilting Tools Classy Clamps is one of the best quilt clamps on the market thanks to its elegant design and its ease of use.


8 Ways to Hang a Quilt With and Without Sewing

Quilts have perfect textile for hanging on your wall. And what better way to showcase your chic quilt than to frame it. Even if you have smaller quilts, they can and deserve to be framed on your wall. Not just dust away in your drawers. But how do you hang your quilt on a frame? First, you should find fabric that contrasts with your quilt and stretch it over your frame through to the back. You can then use stainless steel staples to hold down the fabric. Second, stitch your quilt on top of the fabric. You can use a machine beforehand but we recommend that you hand-stitch it once you fasten the fabric to the wooden framework. Lastly, you can find a hanging kit and place it in your favorite room. Some people decide to protect their precious quilts from dirt using a glass shadow box. But, this will depend on your preferences.

Pins, nails and dowels

8 Ways to Hang a Quilt With and Without Sewing

If you have smaller quilts then you pinning them and hanging them on a dowel can make your room look great. But a common problem most people experience is how to hang a quilt with a dowel. You can get pre-made sleeves and use a couple of safety pins to attach it to the back of your quilt. Placing a safety pin after every 7 or so inches works just perfectly. Once done, you can get an affordable brass rod and pass it through the sleeve of your quilt. You can then nail your dowels on the wall and place the rod on top. There are several types and designs of dowels, if you do not want wooden dowels you can go for other designs.

Hanging quilt using a sewing machine

Using a sewing machine to help you hang your quilt is a great option. This is especially true if you want to present your quilt in a quilt magazine or show. That said, it will also make your house décor great if you have made one too many quilts and would like to display them. Here are a couple of ways to hang your quilts with a sewing machine.

Sewing a sleeve

Sewing a sleeve for your quilt is not as daunting as most people make it to be. With these simple instructions, you can be well on your way to making superb sleeves that can win quilt shows. Before sewing your sleeve, it is important to use the best cutting mat to ensure there is little to no damage o the surface underneath.

  • Use the best quilting ruler available to find your quilt’s width.
  • Cut two strips with each measuring 8.5 inches long and the width of your quilt minus two inches. The best sewing scissors for quilting are tougher and a lot stronger, which makes them suitable for cutting through fabric. You should then use your sewing machine to sew these two strips together.
  • Make a hem on the edge of the strips and iron the strip to ensure there are no creases.
  • Use your machine to sew the sleeve as close to the top edge of the strip as possible.
  • Split your strip in half by folding it with the wrong sides touching. Iron a crease in the middle, the crispy the better. At this point you can pin and sew a quarter inch seam.
  • Put the sleeve on the back side of your quilt but remember to put it at least 1.5 inches away from the top and the edges. Use safety pins to hold the sleeve before sewing it.

The machine that you use to sew will either make your work easier or harder. Most top reviews reveal that Brother PQ1500SL is one of the best quilting machine thanks to its high sewing speeds and advanced needle threading system.

How to hang a quilt with a sleeve

8 Ways to Hang a Quilt With and Without Sewing
There are several ways to hang your quilt once you have already sown your sleeve. Of course, some are better than others and the prices may also vary starkly. You can get a plastic rod, which is lighter and relatively affordable. Wooden rods are also light but they have a better aesthetic appeal. You can also find a wooden rod whose design blends perfectly with your quilt. Simply pass the rod through the sleeve but be careful not to tear the sleeve. Voila! All done. Hanging your quilt with a sleeve is that easy.

Sewing a pocket

8 Ways to Hang a Quilt With and Without Sewing

A sewing pocket works almost the same way as using a sleeve. But while you may have to sew a tube in the former, you just have to include triangular pockets on the back corner of your quilts. Sewing pockets is much easier than sewing a sleeve since you can include them when binding the quilt. They also work great since they allow you to hang your quilt in a flat position without any curls.

How to hang a quilt with a pocket

Hanging a quilt with a pocket is quite easy. While you can use dowels on the edge of your quilt to hang your quilts, there are other more available options. For instance, a regular clothes hanger can do the job pretty well.

Best ways to hang quilts by size

You probably know, by now, that there are several ways to hang your quilts. But are they also suitable for you? The size of your quilt is one factor to consider when choosing a hanging method. If you want to know how to hang a large quilt then you need to pay attention to some methods. Wall-mounted hangers, towel racks, sewing sleeves and frames are some of the suitable hanging methods for larger quilts. However, some of the other hanging methods are suitable if you want to know how to hang a small quilt. These include using pins and a dowel, pocket sleeves, and quilt clamps. Knowing the right method to use will ensure that your quilts look and fit well wherever you place them.

Final thoughts

Sewing your quilt is not the end of the process. While you may have spent months on your quilting project, you will also have to consider how you will hang your quilt. Even quilting shows and magazines will probably ask you to make a sleeve before they can showcase it. That said, knowing how to hang a quilt is not that difficult and will take you less time too. You can choose a suitable hanging method depending on the size of your quilt and your preferences. Some methods are great for larger quilts while some work best for smaller ones. Others like towel racks may blend well with your interior décor. All in all, hanging your quilt can be a fun way to improve the aesthetics of your home. A good hanging method also allows you to change quilts easily when the need arises.

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