Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters – Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

We've collected 30 gift ideas for quilters - from quilting accessories and jewelry to handmade sachets and cushions!
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Gifting a quilter is a complicated affair, especially if you know next to nothing about these hobbies. That said, it seems fairly obvious that the best gifts for quilters are those that will enable them to further grow or experiment with their hobbies. They could also be those that show the quilter’s pride in their craft. If you’re confused as to what these potential gifts might be, we understand your predicament, and as such, we would like to help.

Using our knowledge on the subject, we’ve curated below some fun and unique gifts for quilters. You can pick one for an upcoming special occasion. Additionally, you can bookmark this post so the next time you’re out of gift ideas, this reference can sort you out.

Best Gifts for Quilters

Here are some top-tier gift ideas for quilters.

Quilting Book

Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

Each quilter will likely face situations where they run out of ideas for quilting projects. For beginners, to the hobby, they may not even know where to start. This is why a quilting book as a potential gift is a good idea. Depending on the book, there could be tons of helpful information that may be invaluable to the quilter’s journey.

According to reviewers, one top-tier book option for beginners is the Urban Quilting: Quilt Patterns option. It incorporates beginner-friendly content, including 10 quilt designs and instructions on making each design in three sizes. There is even some information on the history of quilting.

Apart from that, you can get the Quiltmaker’s 1,000 Blocks book for the more advanced quilter. This is a 528-page read, and as the name suggests, it includes 1,000 blocks that readers can turn into beautiful quilts.

Ultimate Sewing Starter Kit

Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

Another beginner-friendly gift option for sewers and quilters is an ultimate sewing starter kit. This may include a collection of essential tools that your loved one is likely to use on a day-to-day basis. Some essential tools include fabric markers, quilting pins, quilting rulers, scissors, and more.

Notably, you can take it upon yourself to curate the starter kit. For this, you buy a box and fill it up with the tools you think are necessary. However, it’s also possible to buy a pre-curated kit if you know where to look. Previous buyers recommend the EverSewn Ultimate Starter Kit because it includes 14 essential tools for any quilter. Some of the inclusions are pins, a sewing gauge, a cutting mat, a rotary cutter, a seam ripper, and more.

Quilting Machine

Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

For most beginner quilters, using hand techniques is more viable than getting a quilting machine. After all, the machines are expensive, while you can get a full hand quilting kit for less than $30. However, if they love the hobby enough, it’s only a matter of time before they decide to purchase one.

As one of the quilter’s loved ones, you’re in a prime position to figure out if they’ll stick with the hobby or not. If you’re sure they will, a quilting machine is an excellent gift for them. Additionally, for those who already have quilting machines, you can get them an upgrade option with better capabilities if you have the budget.

The Juki HZL-F600 is, according to reviewers, a top-quality option for intermediate quilters with free-motion sewing and an extended sewing table. This machine is also capable of easily sewing through various thick materials.

Sewing Basket

Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

Any veteran sewer will tell you it’s hard to keep track of their equipment and tools. With so many pins, scissors, threads, scrap fabrics, rotary cutters, and more, misplacing one or two tools becomes the order of the day every day, which can be frustrating. However, this problem is easily solved by getting a storage space where your loved one can safely store their tools. Furthermore, if they always keep them in the same place, it will be harder to misplace or lose them.

Consequently, if misplacing their equipment or tools is something your sewer friend or loved one always complains about, consider getting them a sewing basket. Ideally, it should be aesthetically pleasing, which will make it easier to carry around. Additionally, having different compartments to store the various equipment can be an asset.

Singer remains one of the more popular brands in the sewing industry when it comes to equipment and sewing accessories. Their SINGER 07281 Sewing basket is large, incorporates collapsible handles, and, as a bonus, comes with additional sewing accessories.

Quilting Ruler

Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

The quilting process sometimes involves cutting fabrics and designs and then joining them to a base piece of fabric. The quilter can make any pattern they want as long as they get the dimensions right when cutting the fabrics. This is where the quilting ruler comes in. It is well-labeled and includes tools that will help users measure the length, width, and even the angle of a cut on a piece of fabric. In fact, it’s an essential tool that should be in each quilter’s toolbox.

Consequently, it makes for an interesting gift idea for any quilters you know. The ARTEZA Acrylic Quilters Ruler has been touted by users as an excellent option for most quilting projects. It features a two-tone grid with black and yellow contrasting labels and lines which aid in visibility. Additionally, it comes in four sizes and will thus match a variety of project sizes.

Cutting Mat

Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

As for the cutting mat, it looks a lot like a large quilting ruler. After all, it comes with a gridded surface and likely even contains some angle measurements. However, one of the biggest differences besides the function of the tool is the fact that a cutting mat is either translucent or opaque. In comparison, most quilting rulers are transparent except for the marked areas.

Of course, the function of a cutting mat is to provide a surface on which the user can do their cutting. It comes in handy when cutting out shapes from paper, and cutting pieces of fabric, thus making a unique gift for quilters.

Since the blades of the cutting tools cut into the mat, they need to be replaced relatively often and as such, gifting a quilter more than one could be a welcome surprise.

According to experts and reviewers, the Fiskars 12-83727097 cutting mat is by far one of the most reliable cutting mats in the market, and since it’s a self-healing option, it should last a long time even with frequent use.

Rotary Fabric Cutter

Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

Another essential tool in every quilter’s toolbox is a rotary fabric cutter. While scissors may be handy when cutting some fabrics or shapes, there’s no doubt that a rotary fabric cutter makes things a lot easier. This is especially true when cutting multiple patchwork pieces with the same design and size.

If you’re going to get it as a gift, our experts recommend the Fiskars Classic rotary cutter, which comes with a 45 mm steel rotary blade. The curved handle makes for easier and comfortable handling, and it also comes with a retractable blade for safety when the cutter is not in use.

Sewing Thread

Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

Whether the person you’re gifting is a beginner or veteran sewer/quilter, they can do nothing without sewing thread. Also, since they always use thread in all their projects, a set of new threads is always welcome. The BlesSew Sewing Thread comes highly recommended by users and experts and includes 24 high-quality different-color threads in the set. However, the white and black threads are provided in twos since they are the most commonly used.

Thread Cutter

Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

Also, each project for a quilter or sewer will involve cutting the thread a couple of times. Typically, people use whatever tools they have on hand for the job. It could be a pair of scissors, razor blades, and even other cutting tools. Apart from that, you can also get them a specialized solution such as the Gypsy Quilter Thread Cutting Gizmo, which should stay in place on your worktable despite having a non-stick bottom. It helps separate chain piece units in one swift motion and comes with replacement blades just in case the main one gets dull.

Sewing Pins/Clips

Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

As your loved one is sewing or quilting their projects, they’ll also need something to hold their pieces of fabric together. This is where sewing pins or clips come in. They can hold the fabric in place, which makes it easier to sew around it. They are even a staple in professional dressmakers and suit maker’s shops and will be invaluable in your loved one’s workshop.

Users and reviewers of the Color Scissor Sewing Pins agree that it’s one of the most reliable sewing pin sets in the market. Furthermore, it comes with durable and colored glass heads that make it easy to see the pins as you sew. Alternatively, the MumCraft Multipurpose Sewing Clips have received similar rave reviews, and each clip opens wide enough to hold multiple layers of fabric making them ideal for the quilter.

Spring Action Rag Quilter Snip

Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

If the person you’re gifting has arthritis, some of the regular quilting and sewing tools, for instance, scissors, may be a bit difficult to use. They require a lot of motion in their fingers, and that may lead to some pain and discomfort. However, users with the same condition recommend the Fiskars Rag Quilter Snip designed for use with limited hand strength. Also, with the spring action design, the user doesn’t need to strain their hands when opening the tool.

Mini Iron

Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

A mini iron may not be necessary for everybody’s sewing kit, but it can prove useful in some situations. One example is if you’re doing detail work in applique or quilting projects. Smoothing out the wrinkles can help ensure the project turns out the best way possible. However, some of these wrinkles may be too hard to reach with a regular iron which is why a mini iron makes one of the best Christmas gifts for quilters.

According to most reviews, one of the most popular mini irons is the CLOVER MCI-900, with a mini-shaped ironing head for tight spots. There are, however, extra head options for purchase if the person you’re gifting needs extra functionality. Additionally, the Steamfast SF-717 is just as popular and comes highly recommended, especially for quilters and sewers who travel frequently. It’s a dual voltage option that can work anywhere globally and even has a steam function.

Iron-Off Marking Pen

Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

Another potential asset in any quilter’s or sewer’s toolbox is a marking pen. These help mark patterns and can be useful in actualizing your quilting, applique, and sewing designs. However, traditional markers can be challenging to get off the fabric. On the other end, other marking options, e.g., chalk or tracing wax, come off too quickly and may come off before you’re done with the project.

This is why you need a specialized solution like the Clover White Marking Pen. Our experts recommend it for darker fabrics since it’s very visible and lasts long. However, you only need to wash or iron the fabric to get rid of the markings.

Quilters Travel Case

Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

Like a sewing basket, a quilting travel case can help keep equipment and tools well organized and safe. It’s also more in tune with the needs of a person who travels often and may feature additional benefits for the user. For instance, according to most reviews, the Omnigrid Quilters Travel case works for carrying unfinished quilt projects from place to place as you travel. It even comes with an organizer where the owner can keep their most essential tools.

Ergonomic Seam Ripper

Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

As the person you’re gifting takes on different projects over time, they are bound to make a couple of mistakes when sewing. These mistakes can be undone by removing the seams and replacing them with new ones, an exercise that would be so much harder without a seam ripper. As such, an ergonomic seam ripper that’s easy to hold and use makes for an excellent but unique gift for quilters.

Our experts recommend the Dritz Ergonomic Seam Ripper because the blade is electronically ground to give it long-lasting sharpness. Furthermore, its rounded design means it’s less strenuous on the hands. They also recommend the Clover White Seam Ripper with a rounded non-slip handle that’s comfortable in the user’s hands.

Quilter’s Journal

Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

If the gift is intended for a very organized individual, then a quilter’s journal makes a top-tier purchase option. It can allow them to plan out all their projects and journal about them just as they would entries in a diary. While an exercise book will work just fine, a specialized journal is better designed for the job and shows that you put a lot of thought into the gift.

Users recommend the Quilting Journal and Planner since it’s specially designed for the job and includes details pages where all the information about the various projects can be recorded. There are also fabric stash pages, to-do list pages, budget pages, and goal pages included.

Door Sign

Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

Notably, quilters and sewers take a lot of pride in their craft and workspaces. One way to show them you understand this is to gift them a door sign that reflects that part of their identity. One of the specialized door signs in the market that previous buyers and users highly recommend is the Quilting Corner Sign. It’s a rustic metal sign with the words “QUILTING CORNER” printed on it. While the rust on the sign does look real, it’s actually printed on the metal.

Alternatively, the Metal Decoration Tin Door Sign is another highly recommended option with the words “QUILTING ROOM” printed on the front. The letters in these words are printed using quilting and fabric patterns which are a relatively good representation of the hobby.


Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

Another gift idea is jewelry that reflects the love for all things quilting and sewing, such as the Quilters Birthstone Earrings. Users love it because you can choose the birthstone crystal that matches the gift recipient’s tastes, in addition to having the words “I love quilting” engraved on the earings.

Other popular alternatives, according to reviewers, are the FUSTMW Seamstress Gift Earings. Users love these earrings since they have a sewing machine shape, and the velvet jewelry pouches they come in make wrapping the gift a walk in the park.

Fabric Pattern Weights

Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

Besides sewing pins and clips, there’s another way to keep fabrics in one place, and that is to use weights. They’re compact, relatively heavy, and can be especially handy when the user is in a hurry. The Glass Handle Pattern Weights are some of the most popular, especially for quilters. They consist of lead-free soda-lime glass, and the four weights have handles meaning the user can easily move them wherever they want.

Quilter Parking Only Sign

Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

Like a door sign, a parking sign is another option that can help announce the recipient’s love for quilting to the world. According to reviews, the QUILTER Parking Sign is perfect for doing just that. The gift recipient can hang it indoors or at their parking spot, depending on preferences. It also features a funny joke for quilters.


Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

If a parking sign or a door sign just won’t do, stickers are a more understated option that can fit in cars, on laptops, walls, water bottles, and more. The NeoBlueRain Sewing, Quilting stickers are, according to user reports good looking and reliable since they’re rated to last at least three years. Furthermore, they’re resistant to mild acids and alkalines. If the NeoBlueRain option doesn’t fit the intended recipient’s personality, another equally rated and popular alternative is the CHENHN Sticker with a funny message. Like the NeoBlueRain, it should last about three years and features similar resistance levels against mild alkalines and acids.


Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for quilters, you can opt for Christmas tree ornaments. The Old World Christmas Tree Sewing Machine ornament is recommended by users since it embodies the spirit of Christmas in addition to the quilter’s love for the hobby. As the name suggests, it is a blown glass ornament in the shape of a sewing machine.

Another highly recommended ornament option is the Midwest-CBK Ornament made from a resin polymer stone material with the words “Quilting Queen” engraved. The inclusion of a traditional ribbon also means hanging the ornament is an easy affair.

Handmade gift ideas

If your budget for the gift is limited, there are lots of handmade gift ideas for quilters, and some of them don’t even need a lot of effort to make. Some examples are given below. That said, some of these gift ideas may require you to have quilting and sewing skills.


Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

The person you’re gifting, no doubt, has lots of scrap pieces of fabric lying around. As such, you can take advantage of that to make them a practical gift. Pincushions, for instance, don’t require a lot of skill to make, so even if you’re a total novice, you can likely still pull the project off. Notably, the pincushion gives the user a convenient storage space for the pins, especially if they’re mid-project.


Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

Alternatively, you can use the same fabric scraps to make a potholder as a gift. This will likely require a higher skill level to make compared to the pincushion. However, it’s still a relatively simple project, and you don’t need to be a sewing or quilting guru to complete it. If they love cooking almost as much as they love sewing and quilting, then a potholder makes for a thoughtful and interesting handmade gift for quilters.


Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

Another DIY gift idea for a quilter is a placemat or a set of them. You can buy the required fabric after doing research on which options are best. If necessary, you can also borrow tools from the gift’s intended recipient if you don’t own any quilting equipment. It’s best to keep the designs of the placemats simple, so you don’t mess anything up. However, if you’re also a quilter, you can pick and choose whatever designs you think the recipient would like.


Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

A quilter will compile equipment, tools, fabrics, and more over time. As such, there will never be enough storage space in their studio. Consequently, making a backpack for them, whether quilted or otherwise, is a thoughtful gift option. It could also prove helpful whenever the quilter goes on the trip since they already have a carry bag.

Lavender Sachets

Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

Alternatively, you can try gifting your loved one lavender sachets. Sachets should be pretty simple to make, and after you’ve made them, you just fill them with dried lavender buds. If the recipient stores the sachets in their workspace drawers, they’ll ensure their fabrics and other items in the drawer, including tools, smell lovely.

French Press Coffee Cozy

Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

For people with a French press, a coffee cozy to match their coffee-making device seems like an excellent gift idea. You can take measurements, so you ensure the cozy wraps firmly around the device. Notably, you can also select the design and fabric depending on the recipient’s tastes. If they love flamboyant patterns, you include that. Alternatively, if they prefer plain colors, you can use that as well.

Besides looking good on the French press, they also provide some insulation and keep the coffee hotter for longer. Finally, they make the device easier to hold as the user brews their cup in the morning.

Chair Cushions

Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

You can also look at the quilter’s workshop to see the state of their working chair. If it’s old and uncomfortable, you can handcraft a gift that alleviates the discomfort in the form of a chair cushion. It shows that you’re constantly thinking of them and their needs. Again, you can source some materials from their workshop if you need to, although you’ll likely have to purchase some as well.

The scrap fabrics, for instance, can make up part of the cushion filling or the quilt patterns on top of the cushions. It’s also possible to make cushions for the living room that are aesthetically pleasing and add comfort to the couches and other chairs.

Quilted Tablet Cover

Top 30 Gifts Ideas for Quilters - Pick the Best One for the Occasion!

Lastly, a quilted tablet also makes sense as a gift option. Like other tablet covers, it can help add a layer of protection to the device. It’s also a statement of their identity as a quilter whenever they step out of the house. Do note that you’ll need to make it just the right size for the fit to be snug. After all, you don’t want the tablet slipping out of the cover at the most inopportune times.

Final Thoughts

Gifting is an art and is also one of the best ways to show love. That said, gifts work best if you show the recipient you understand their likes, dislikes, passions, and needs. For people who love quilting and sewing, getting them some hobby-related gifts acknowledges the passion they have for their craft. There are some amazing gift choices you can find on Amazon. Furthermore, if you just don’t have the budget, there are handmade gifts for quilters to consider as well. Some of them are listed above. Also, as we mentioned before, it’s a good idea to bookmark this post, so you have lots of gift ideas to try out in the future.

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