What is Muslin Fabric?

A detailed guide on types of muslin fabric, its properties, how it's made, used, and how to take care of it.
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Last updated: September 02, 2023
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There are several types of clothing materials in the world, and muslin is one of the frequently used materials. This loosely-woven cotton fabric is used for several purposes and holds several advantages. This post answers the question ‘what is muslin fabric’ and considers some of the fascinating past of this material.

In this post, you will also discover some of the many uses of muslin, the benefits, how to sew with it, and other information that will help you to determine whether to buy this material for your next sewing project.

History of Muslin

Muslin comes in very handy today, and many people even take it for granted. However, this material wasn’t always the lowly material that is now used for domestic purposes today.

It is believed that this material originated in the Iraqi city of Mosul; however, recent findings reveal that it is more likely from ancient India. It was originally known as Jamdani and came as a brightly colored and patterned material that still retained its lightweight and sheer nature.

In making muslin, the weavers used the discontinuous weft technique.

It has become more popular today, and there is now a proliferation of mass production and synthetic fabrics. However, these cannot perfectly imitate the skill and quality that comes from muslin made by a master artisan.

How is muslin fabric made?

What is Muslin Fabric? Muslin fabric Trusted Source Muslin - Wikipedia Muslin is a cotton fabric of plain weave. It is made in a wide range of weights from delicate sheers to coarse sheeting. It gets its name from the city of Mosul, Iraq, where it was first manufactured. en.wikipedia.org is a unique type of fabric. To that end, it is made specially. Muslin fabric is made from cotton yarn. It is created via the plain weave technique. In this technique, one weft thread is passed repeatedly over and under another single warp thread.

To make a good muslin fabric, it is essential that the cotton yarn be spun as fine as is possible. There are different factors that determine how finely cotton is spun, and one of the most important considerations is the humidity.

After ensuring that humidity is optimal, the yarn is determined to be worthy of being spun into muslin. It is handwoven by using looms.

The original muslin materials were handwoven and were created so fine that at five hundred count, six yards could be passed via a ring.

This excellent material had a pause in production when the British came into power, but the ability to weave it later became popular in the 1990s. Since then, only a few people have mastered making muslin the way it used to be made in the past.

Muslin is an expensive material, and the process of production is one of the reasons why it is so expensive. To create 5.5 meters of muslin, the weaver would need about 60000 meters of cotton yarn. Apart from that, it took up to three months to finish the weaving. No surprise, then, that it doesn’t feel like anything you have come across.

Today, however, with the rise of technology, muslin can be mass-produced into a lightweight, medium-weight, and heavyweight material by industrial sewing machines. Therefore, the new muslin is more affordable and accessible to the average person.

Types of muslin fabric

The muslin material is available in a wide range of forms and weights. The best types, which are known for their high quality, are soft, smooth to the touch, and made from even-spun yarns. When these requirements are met, you will find that this type of muslin has a uniform thread throughout the body.

There are four main types of muslin material. These are:

  • Gauze
  • Mull
  • Swiss Muslin
  • Sheeting

Let’s consider what each one really is.


What is Muslin Fabric?Gauze muslin is a very lightweight form of muslin. It is plain and sheer, which makes it useful in making clothing accessories around the home. You find it used in clothes, as a filter in the kitchen, and material for dress wounds.

Swiss Muslin

What is Muslin Fabric?This is similar to the gauze type because it is also sheer and very lightweight – although gauze is lighter in weight. The main difference between this type of muslin and the others is that it comes with dots are patterns. It is often used in making clothes for warm weather.


What is Muslin Fabric?This type of muslin is created from cotton, silk, and viscose. It is a unique option that works as underlining for clothes. When used correctly, it can increase the weight and boost the structure of a garment. This type of muslin has also been used in pattern testing clothes.


What is Muslin Fabric?Last but not least is sheeting. This is a special type of muslin. Where the others are lightweight and sheer, sheeting is thick and coarse. This special feature makes it a fixture in clothing and some of the clothing materials used in a domestic setting.

Benefits of muslin fabric

There are several benefits to using this fabric.

For the Skin

What is Muslin Fabric?Muslin cloth greatly benefits the skin. If you are concerned with having a good skincare routine, then you should certainly consider including the use of this material.

Muslin cloths are excellent for exfoliating the skin. They can be made into an exfoliating cloth that will do more than using an exfoliating or cleaning brush. Because of the way it is made, it doesn’t accumulate bacteria.

Cleaning with a muslin cloth has also been found to assist in increasing blood circulation in and around the body. It aids in the production of collagen and the distribution of nutrients to the skin cells.

For Babies

What is Muslin Fabric?Another benefit of muslin is for babies. Muslin fabric is loved for its impressive breathability. Therefore, it is the perfect way to keep your baby protected and cool during the warm summer months. Its open weave and lightweight nature let air flow through properly, making it safe for your child.

Another benefit is the durability. Muslin is woven in such a way that makes it very versatile. It can be used for several years without showing signs of wear because of washing.

Muslin looks better with age. It begins soft and gets softer after each wash. If you want a material that will wrap your baby safe and snug, then you should certainly consider this material.

Catteyonce Baby Swaddle is one of the best-rated blankets for babies, according to several reviews. It is made from muslin and will keep your baby warm and comfortable.

What is muslin fabric used for?

Muslin is not usually used in making a final production unless it is of the best quality possible. It was used to cover the mummies of the Egyptian Pharaohs but has found other uses in our time.

Muslin is generally viewed as an important step in fashion designing because it serves as a means of developing the creative vision of the designer.

There are loads of things that you can use muslin for. In this section, we consider these things. Let’ see.

To Make Things Around the House

What is Muslin Fabric?One of the most frequent uses of muslin is in making stuff around the house. Muslin is used to make pillowcases, bed sheets, table covers, curtains, and all stuff like that. It can also be found in sofas, chairs, and other furniture.

Bedsheets are probably the most common things that muslin is used for around the home. Bedsheets that are made of muslin are some of the most comfortable to sleep on. If you don’t want the material used for sheets, it can also be modified as fitted sheets under the bedspread.

Many people use muslin as a pillowcase insert.

For Baby Stuff

What is Muslin Fabric?Another use for this is in making baby stuff. Muslin is soft and breathable, which makes it fit for this purpose. It is safe to use, too, because it does not contain any additives or contaminants that can affect your baby’s skin.

It is used to make baby diapers, baby blankets, napkins, and so on.

Used for Lining and Backing

Muslin has also been used to make lining. You will find it used for lining clothes, curtains, and similar stuff. It can even be used to line bags. Muslin comes in handy in making quilts because it is very comfortable on the skin.

For Wrapping

What is Muslin Fabric?If you have a gift to wrap, you can use this excellent material. Many gift bags and wraps are made of muslin. The advantages are evident. For one, it is quite affordable. It can also be reused and will not negatively affect the environment.

Underwear and Loungewear

Muslin is used as a material in making innerwear and pajama pants. It is nice on the skin, breathable, and excellent for hot, uncomfortable nights.

If you have kids, you could also use this material to make petticoats for them.

In the Bath

Surprisingly, muslin also comes in useful as bathroom accessories. With this material, you can clean your face without harshness. It is easy to clean, dry, and reuse.

One of the reasons why many love this material is that using it in a washing machine does not have any adverse effects on it.

Used for Embroidery

What is Muslin Fabric?If you have any embroidery work to do, then you can use muslin. One of the reasons why it is great for this purpose is that it is easy to hold and work on. It also comes in very useful as backing. You should check out some of the best sewing and embroidery machines here.

For Making Clothes

If you use the Jamdani technique, you can use muslin in making clothes.

For Art

What is Muslin Fabric?Muslin material is also used in art. Why? Well, this material has the ability to hold dye very well and functions as an excellent backdrop for different productions. It is even used by photographers as a background.

How to sew muslin fabric

Sewing this fabric is relatively easy. Here are the steps:

  • Cut the key pattern piece out in a fabric
  • Sew the construction seams in a long basting stitch that you can easily rip out

Making it is so easy that it seems difficult. With muslin, you don’t need to worry about finishes, hems, or zippers. Pins will come in handy if you need to close the muslin.

Reviews have praised the AK Trading Co. muslin fabric as an excellent product that will help you create whatever garments you want.

How to take care of muslin fabric

What is Muslin Fabric?Since muslin is lightweight and sheer, you must take care to ensure that it lasts for a long time. In this section, we consider some useful tips on how to care for your muslin material and clothes.

  • Fire retardant muslin should not be washed and dried. If you do so, you will eliminate any fire-resistant properties that it might have. However, a polyester-muslin blend can be washed and dried without losing its fire-resistant properties.
  • Hand-wash your muslin items. You can wash muslin using a washing machine as well. However, hand washing is the recommended way of cleaning your muslin clothes.
  • Air –dry muslin clothes. After washing the muslin cloths, dry them on a clothesline.
  • If you use a dryer to dry muslin material, ensure that it is in the lowest heat settings.
  • Store muslin in storage bags and containers to stop mice and moths from chewing the fabric.


  1. Are Cotton and Muslin the same?

Muslin is made from cotton. However, you can find muslin materials made from a combination of other materials like silk and viscose. Additionally, unlike several other cotton weaves, muslin has a looser weave.

  1. What is Muslin used For?

This cotton fabric offers plenty of uses. In sewing, it is the material that is used in testing patterns before the final product is cut and sewed. It is made via the plain weave technique and offers some of the best breathability.

  1. Is Muslin different from Linen?

Yes, there are differences between the two materials. The major difference is that muslin is made through the plain weave method, while Linen is a textile from spun flax fiber. Linen is made from the fibers of the flax plant, while muslin is made from cotton fabric.

  1. Is Muslin any good?

This fabric is a very versatile fabric that is used for several things. It finds use in medicine, skincare, sewing, furniture, art, and so much more. Due to its nature, it can be used in different types of homes without spreading any chemical residue. Furthermore, it can be reused and is good for the environment.

Final thoughts

What is muslin fabric? We strongly believe that you can easily answer this question now. This cotton fabric is one of the most versatile fabrics available right now. This post has considered its origins, how it is made, the benefits of using it, the different uses, and how you can maintain it. We hope that you find this information useful.


Muslin - Wikipedia
Muslin is a cotton fabric of plain weave. It is made in a wide range of weights from delicate sheers to coarse sheeting. It gets its name from the city of Mosul, Iraq, where it was first manufactured.
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