Janome vs Singer: Two Brands Compared

Can't decide between Janome and Singer? We compared them for you.
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Last updated: August 11, 2023
Can't decide between Janome and Singer? We compared them for you.
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When it comes to selecting a sewing machine more often than not the choice comes down to picking a product between two brands: Janome vs Singer. Sure, there are many other sewing machine brands out there but these two are the industry leaders by a long shot. This is because of many different factors but is mainly due to the fact that both brands have been around for a while, have stellar reputations and build high quality sewing machines that work incredibly well & last for an exceptionally long time.

The two brands are chalk and cheese but both craft sewing machines are simply the best of the bunch. Have you been on the fence about picking a product from either brand or aren’t sure what to opt for on the modern market? Well then, today is your lucky day. That’s because in today’s article we’ll be taking a very close look at both brands and their most popular models in an attempt to help you decide which brand emerges victorious in the battle of Janome vs Singer.

Brands comparison

Many struggle to compare Janome vs Singer because the two brands are seemingly very different from one another. Let’s take a quick look at how the two brands came to be before comparing their product lines against one another.

Established way back in 1921, Janome is a Japanese company that manufactures sewing machines in Japan, Thailand and Taiwan & sells them in the US & more than 100 countries across the rest of the world. It currently offers 17 different sewing machine models, accessories ranging from bobbins to presser feet and even sewing software. In addition to its sewing machines and sewing-related products the company manufactures imprinters, electro-presses & three different kinds of robots being desktop robots, SCARA robots & Cartesian robots. The brand is known for its impressive 25-year warranty on the materials and craftmanship of its sewing machines while its electrical components are covered by a 2-year warranty. As you can tell, Janome is an old brand that has managed to stick with the times and evolve into a modern brand with aplomb. Can the same be said about Singer? Let’s find out.

Janome vs Singer: Two Brands Compared

In stark contrast to Janome, Singer is an all-American company that has been around since 1851. The brand is legendary as it created the first sewing machine for domestic use and the brand’s history is intricately tied to the country’s history as its factory was used to manufacture weapons instead of sewing machines for more than 5,000 governmental contracts during WWII. Singer currently has 36 sewing machines on offer as well as a range of sewing accessories and garment care tools such as steam presses & irons. It also boasts a 25-year warranty, but only on the machine’s head while the rest of its components are covered by warranties of either 2 years or 90 days. Singer is definitely considered to be more of a traditional brand and is ingrained in the heart of more than one American.

The two brands operate in different parts of the world, have seven decades of operation time separating them and have different warranty terms & conditions yet, along with Brother, Bernina and Baby Brock, are constantly pitted against one another. Let’s find out why and finally put an end to the question of which is the better brand.

Janome vs Singer: Comparing popular models

Even though the two brands are difficult to compare, the same cannot be said for their products by any means. Both brands produce some of the best sewing machines the market has to offer and so it’s only fair to pit each brand’s most popular models against one another. That’s exactly what this next section has in store for you. We’ll be directly comparing the Janome 4120QDC vs Singer Heavy Duty 4411, Janome HD3000 vs Singer Start 1304 and Janome Arctic Crystal vs Singer 4432. In these comparison reviews we’ll be paying close attention to the following important features:

  • Stitches per minute (speed)
  • Number of stitches (stitch options)
  • Stitch length
  • Stitch width
  • Whether or not free arm is available
  • Number of needle positions
  • Number of buttonholes
  • Weight
  • Warranty
  • Colors
  • Accessories
  • Materials


Janome 4120QDC vs Singer Heavy Duty 4411

Janome 4120QDC Singer Heavy Duty 4411
Speed 820 spm 1100spm
Number of stitches 120 11
Stitch length 5mm 4mm
Stitch width 7mm 6mm
Free arm yes yes
Needle positions 15 3
Buttonholes 7 1
Weight 14.3 lbs 14.5 lbs
Warranty 25-year limited 25-year limited on sewing machine head, 2-year limited motors, light assembly, wiring, stitches, speed control and electronic components, 90-day limited on adjustments, belts, rings, bulbs, attachments

First up on our list of popular products that we’ll be comparing are the Janome 4120QDC and the Singer Heavy Duty 4411. The Janome 4120QDC and the Singer Heavy Duty 4411 share only a few similar features & are entirely different machines no matter which way you look at it. They both support free arm sewing and there is only a 0.2lb difference in weight so both could be classed as lightweight–bordering on portable–sewing machines.

For the most part, a 25-year warranty covers both machines however both warranties are limited and exclude certain parts such as the electrical components which are covered by a 2-year warranty. And finally, both the Janome 4120QDC & the Singer Heavy Duty 4411 have been designed with heavy duty usage in mind. And that is where the similarities come to an abrupt end.

Now let’s take a look at how exactly the two machines differ from one another and see which one is the better product. While the Janome 4120QDC offers users more than 120 different types of stitches the Singer Heavy Duty 4411 only offers 11–6 of which are basic stitches, 4 are decorative and 1 is a buttonhole. To put things into context, the Janome model has 7 buttonholes in addition to its 120 stitch options. The 2120QDC also provides users with 15 needle position options compared to the 4411’s trio of three available needle positions. However, the Singer model trumps the Janome model in terms of speed with 1100spm compared to the 4120QDC’s 820spm. The Singer model’s stiches are 4mm long and 6mm wide while the Janome model’s stiches are 5mm long & 7mm wide. The Singer Heavy Duty 4411 is gray in color, built from heavy duty metal and comes with a soft dust cover, a power cord foot control & an instruction manual. If you want any other accessories, you’ll need to pay extra which is a fact that we dislike since other models come standard with an assortment of accessories.

Janome vs Singer: Two Brands ComparedIn terms of support, users of this product are supported every step of the way by means of the Singer Sewing Assistant App. The Janome 4120QDC is a computerized sewing machine that is white in color with strategically placed pops of cobalt blue. It is made up of a combination of hard plastic and heavy metal. It comes with absolutely everything you could ever need to get started including a hard cover, extension table, 7 presser feet, a needle set, 2 different spool holders, an extra spool pin and a needle set. It also comes with bobbins, a screwdriver, lint brush, seam ripper as well as educational materials such as a stitch chart, instruction book and an instructional DVD.

In this particular product showdown, in our opinion the technical speed specs of the Singer Heavy Duty 4411 exceed those found in the Janome 4120QDC however the all the extras that come with this model are difficult to ignore. If you can look past its slightly lower stitches per minute count, you’ll see that the Janome 4120QDC simply offers those who use it a better user experience and is synonymous with value for money.

Janome HD3000 vs Singer Start 1304

Janome HD3000 Singer Start 1304
Speed 860 spm 750 spm
Number of stitches 21 6
Stitch length 4mm Not specified (preset)
Stitch width 6.5mm 5mm
Free arm yes yes
Needle position 2 1
Button holes 1 1
Weight 18.7 lbs 10 lbs
Warranty 25-year limited 25-year limited on sewing machine head, 2-year limited motors, light assembly, wiring, stitches, speed control and electronic components, 90-day limited on adjustments, belts, rings, bulbs, attachments

Next up we’ll be comparing the Janome HD3000 and the Singer Start 1304. The only thing these two machines have in common with each other is that they each offer its users access to a single buttonhole, are white in color, are constructed from stainless steel and heavy-duty metal & accommodate free arm sewing.

The most obvious difference between the two is their respective weights: the Singer model weighs in at a tiny 10lbs while the Janome model tipples the scale with its 18.7lbs weight! In addition to being significantly heavier than the 1304, the HD3000 is also 110spm faster and it delivers a decent 860spm.

The Singer Start 1304 has been designed with beginners and novices in mind & this fact is echoed throughout its design while the same cannot be said for the slightly more advanced HD3000.

There are other areas in which the Janome HD3000 is seemingly the better choice such as its 21 stich options compared to the 1304’s 6 and the fact that the HD3000 boasts 2 needle positions while the 1304 has but one.

When it comes to stitches, the Singer Start 1304 offers users a preset stitch of 5mm width but the length of said stitch is not specified. The Janome HD3000’s stitch measures in at 4mm long and 6.5mm wide.

Both brands offer a 25-year warranty on the main components of the machine and a shorter warranty on smaller components.

Janome vs Singer: Two Brands ComparedA hard cover carrying case, presser feet and a power cord and foot control all come with the Janome HD3000. An instruction booklet is also included with each purchase. Meanwhile all that the Singer Start 1304 comes with are three presser feet options and an instruction manual however there is an option to purchase an accessory kit. This accessory kit consists of a custom-fit plastic Singer case with a removeable padded insert filled with nine presser feet and a set of two needles.

The winner of this particular product comparison is determined by who wants to know. The Singer Start 1304 is the perfect option for beginners and those who are just getting started in the sewing world. On the other hand the Janome HD3000 is better suited towards those that already have a clear idea of what it is they need from a sewing machine as it delivers more stitches per minute, has significantly more stitch options and accommodates more than one needle position. In this specific product showdown, the winner is determined by how well it meets a certain type of user’s specific needs.

Janome Arctic Crystal vs Singer 4432

Janome Arctic Crystal Singer 4432
Speed 800 spm 1100 spm
Number of stitches 15 32
Stitch length 4mm 4mm
Stitch width 5mm 5mm
Free arm yes yes
Needle position 3
Button holes 1 1
Weight 13 lbs 14.9 lbs
Warranty 25-year limited 25-year limited on sewing machine head, 2-year limited motors, light assembly, wiring, stitches, speed control and electronic components, 90-day limited on adjustments, belts, rings, bulbs, attachments

Ending off our comparison is yet another duo of incredibly popular products: the Janome Arctic Crystal and the Singer 4432. Now these two well-liked products have a number of things in common which makes comparing them a breeze. Both machines accommodate free arm sewing, both offer its users a lone buttonhole and both machines produce stiches that are 5mm in width & 4mm in length. And to some extent both brands offer the same 25-year warranty and shorter warranty on less critical components. They are both made from heavy duty metal, feature an LED light and have been designed with beginners in mind.

Using each machine comes hand in hand with online support – in Janome’s case that is through informative YouTube tutorials while Singer provides support through the Singer Sewing Assistant App.

Like we said, the two share many features. But for as many similarities the two share, they share as many differences. The Janome Arctic Crystal weighs in at 13lbs while the Singer 4432 weighs slightly more at 14.9lbs. The Singer 4432 is faster and has more stitch options–delivering an impressive 1100psm compared to the Arctic’s 800spm & providing users with 32 stitches while the Arctic offers half of that with its 15 options.

Janome vs Singer: Two Brands ComparedIn the Singer 4432’s included accessory tray comes four presser feet, a lint brush, a seam ripper, needles, bobbins and an auxiliary spool pin & felt. It also comes with a dust cover, a power cord control, a quilting guide and an instruction manual. With the Janome Arctic Crystal comes four presser feet, bobbins, needles, a seam ripper and a darning plate. It also comes with a Quick Start Guide and a standard instruction manual.

The Janome Arctic Crystal has an adjustable needle position while the Singer 4432 offers 3 different options. Other small differences between the products include the fact that the 4432 is only available in a gray color while the Arctic Crystal is also available in a sorbet pink color and a couture blue color on top of its original green crystal color. Both machines, to some extent, are covered for a quarter of a century.

Honestly speaking, both machines are well deserving of their immense popularity as they tick all of the necessary boxes. But unfortunately, the cute color options aren’t enough to make the Janome Arctic Crystal beat the Singer 4432. Its faster speed, abundance of stitch options, additional accessories and trio of needle positions make sure of this.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it: a full and thorough comparison of Janome vs Singer & their most popular products. It’s abundantly clear to see why Janome and Singer are both such popular brands – their products are simply fantastic. Both brands design, develop and distribute sewing machines that are the cream of the crop & can help novice sewers & professionals alike improve their sewing skills. Each brand brings something unique to the table and offers users something different.

Of all of the different machines we’ve introduced you to today, we can’t deny that one product stood out to us the most and that is the very first product we discussed: Janome’s 4120QDC. Based on this product’s price point, technical specifications, vast number of stitches, buttonholes, needle positions and included accessories, we can say with confidence that this product undoubtably guarantees Janome is the winner in the battle of Janome vs Singer for sure.

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