How to Thread a Necchi Sewing Machine

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Last updated: August 27, 2023
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You bought a Necchi machine for your home DIYs recently, its Sunday afternoon and you want to kill time sewing some stellar decorative pillows, but wait you can’t find the user manual, and so you can’t thread the damn thing. Well, fret not. Threading a Necchi machine is pretty much similar to threading other popular sewing machines out there, but since there are a myriad models, the procedure cannot be a one-fit-for-all. It is so simple it literally takes less than five minutes.

Certain things are detrimental to learning how to thread a Necchi sewing machine. You must be able to differentiate between the single-needle and the double-needle threading. They both require different processes. You should also be able to know the different guides to a thread and how to load a bobbin. Threading your sewing machine correctly will help you achieve the most secure and attractive stitches.

About Necchi

Necchi is originally an Italian brand that began in 1919. This was right after the world war 1 had just ended. The machines are still popular among sewing enthusiasts, especially those into the vintage vibe. Necchi in Italy also made industrial sewing machines, but in 1980 they stopped producing the domestic machines. Anything produced after 1980 was made in Asia. Experts and reviewers claim that the machines made in Asia significantly differ from those made in Italy.

In 2019, Necchi celebrated its 100th anniversary, Janome and TOYOTA got rights to the Necchi trademark name. They produce models that they name Necchi, hence the multiple Necchi machines on the market presently.

Threading a single-needle machine

A single needle machine employs a lockstitch which, basically involves the conventional top and bobbin thread. A piece of cloth stitched with a single needle machine will have a flat felled seam that has been stitched twice. One row of the stitching is hidden on the inside, such that you see one row on the topside and two on the underside of the cloth.

Single-needle tailoring is deemed to be more superior than double-needle tailoring, and it is used by high-end fashion brands like Polo and Ralph Lauren. Some of the most acclaimed single-needle sewing machines are the Necchi EX100 and the Necchi EX30. Reviewers love their versatility, easy convenience, and ability to create refined and smooth seams that don’t pucker.

Step 1

Raise your machine’s presser foot and ensure the needle is in the highest position possible by moving it up. At the top center of the machine is a front spool pin. Place a full spool of thread onto it. Ensure the spool of thread is in place, pushing it down until you hear or feel it click in. In case you are wondering if your thread might fly off during sewing, there is a spring-like piece that will keep it in check.

Step 2

Above the thread guides, there is a tension disc which has a loop on it. Grab the end of the thread and bring it close to the tension disc then insert it through the loop.

Step 3

Pull the thread through the loop towards the front of the machine. Bring it up to the groove area on your right then pull it down to the bottom of the groove. Some machines have arrows indicating how you should move the thread. If you get one of those, you’re lucky if you don’t, it’s really not rocket science.

Step 4

Once you’ve gotten to the bottom of the first guide, change the direction of the thread by bringing it around the guide’s bottom, then back up to the top. At the top, pull the thread through the loop. If your thread is forming a narrow U-shape on your machines front part, you are on the right track.

Step 5

To prevent your thread from getting caught on any part of your sewing machine or the needle, you need to work it through the 2 guides that are found near the needle. All you have to do is bring the thread down through the next guide that is right next to the left of the first guide. Pull it down further to the bottom of the guide then insert it through the 2 guides above the sewing machine.

Step 6

Finally, insert the thread’s end through the needle’s eye. Once you have threaded the needle, pull a significant length of it through to prevent it from coming undone when you start stitching. If the thread’s end is fuzzy or frayed, cut it for a neater edge, lick it or use beeswax or a little water to make it stiff.

Threading a double-needle machine

A double needle machine employs a chain stitch. It creates a double-needle seam that has 2 fabric edges folded over and stitched together. According to most expert reviews, double-needle seams are the easiest to stitch, but they are likely to pucker faster than single-needle seams. So here is how to thread a Necchi Royal Series sewing machine like 3205FA model if you are going to be using a double needle.

Step 1

Begin with placing a spool of thread onto each of the machine’s spool pins. The machine has a front and back spool located at the front and back of the machine.

Step 2

Ensure that you wrap the front spool thread to the right and the back spool thread to the left after which you can insert both strands of the thread through the loop.

Step 3

Move towards the end of the machine near the needle and wrap each of the strands around the tension disc. Wrap the front spool around the right side of the tension disc and the back spool around the right side of the tension disc. Hold them back together and complete the threading process in the same way you would with a single strand of thread.

Step 4

How to Thread a Necchi Sewing Machine

At this point, you should be having 2 strands of thread near the needles’ eyes. Grab the edge of one strand and thread Trusted Source 3 Ways to Thread a Needle - wikiHow You want to thread a needle! It isn’t hard, once you’ve gotten the hang of it, but it does require careful technique and a good deal of dexterity. Once you’ve gotten your hands on a needle and thread, read on to learn how to thread the needle! it through one needle. Repeat the same for the other strand. You don’t want either of the needles to be undone before you start sewing, therefore pull a few inches of each of the strands of thread through the needles’ eyes. If the ends are fuzzy or frayed, you can cut them with scissors or dip them in water or beeswax.

Final thoughts

Threading a sewing machine is such a no brainer, but for a beginner who hasn’t wrapped their head around the functionality of a sewing machine, it can be quite the challenge. The process is the same for nearly all sewing machines. Some brands do have a unique threading procedure which they provide in the user manuals, but what happens when you lose the manual or you bought a second hand Necchi sewing machine?

We have provided all the essential tips in our straightforward guide on how to thread any Necchi machine under the sun from a HD22 and a 525 to Hesperia and the famous Royal Series 3204FB. The steps will help you thread correctly so that you can create the most secure and attractive seams on all of your projects.


3 Ways to Thread a Needle - wikiHow
You want to thread a needle! It isn’t hard, once you’ve gotten the hang of it, but it does require careful technique and a good deal of dexterity. Once you’ve gotten your hands on a needle and thread, read on to learn how to thread the needle!
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