How to Make Curtains Without Sewing

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Last updated: August 09, 2023
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You want to make new curtains, but you don’t have a sewing machine, or, you don’t know how a sewing machine works? Is this really possible to make curtains without sewing? Are the curtains just going to end up a huge mess?

These are the questions that so many people are asking. Especially those that are looking for a unique look in their homes, but don’t want to sew their curtains and struggle for weeks before they can hang drapes in their newly decorated room. With this guide, you will be able to make your own no-sew curtains. Without problems and without any struggle.

How is it possible to make curtains without a sewing machine?

Is it really possible to make curtains without a sewing machine? How are the curtains going to look after a couple of weeks, or after the first wash? This might be the first thing that you think when you hear that you can make curtains without sewing it.
The truth is that with a bit of imagination, being creative and having a love for creating stuff, this will be a great project. To put some creativity into your curtains without the boring sewing. We all know that this is the one thing that most people are afraid to use – a sewing machine. However, now you can make modern-looking curtains without the use of a sewing machine. You just need to know where to start.

Equipment and tools that you’ll need to make your no-sew curtains

The first question that you now might ask is what will you need in order to make window curtains without sewing it. Yes, you might need a couple of things, but these things aren’t expensive and you can use it without any problems or struggle. This will still be a lot easier to use than to use a sewing machine.
The first thing that you will need is glue. Material glue that is strong, durable and expensive. You don’t want to use the glue that will not stick, no matter how hard you try. There is some great material glue that you can use. You can also use a multi-purpose glue that will not wash out, with the first wash. Especially, if you are adding rings to your curtains, or when you are gluing the seams together.
The other, obvious thing that you will need is the material. This is the fun part, but also the thing that you can go wrong, really quickly. You can’t purchase delicate material and think that glue is the only thing that you’ll need. That sewing won’t be necessary. The material needs to be material that won’t unravel within the first wash.

Making use of rings with clips

How to Make Curtains Without SewingThe moment that you learn about the rings with clips that you can use for curtains that you don’t want to sew; you will never look back in the older style curtains.

Using the rings with clips are really easy to use, you don’t need to sew anything and it really looks beautiful and modern. It gives a great feel to any room. The only thing that you need to do is to add the clips to your fabric and to clip the clips to the rings that are hanging on the rail. And, your curtains are done. No-fuss and no sewing. The only problem that you might have is your curtain rail. It needs to fit the rings. Normal curtain rails won’t work, so this might mean that you will need to spend a little money to purchase the right curtain rails.

The secret of using hot glue

Yes, normal hot glue. It can also be used, to glue your curtains together. Or, to make sure that your curtains don’t unravel at the ends or at the side of the curtain.

We talked about material glue before, but material glue can be expensive and hard to use. You will be surprised about how easy hot glue is to use on fabric. You can use it on any type of fabric and not one person will know that you have used normal hot clue on your curtains instead of sewing the seams. And, it is a cheap alternative as well. If you want to play with colors, you can use different color hot glue to make patterns while you are gluing your seams together. Making your curtains unique, and durable.

Some durable material that doesn’t unravel

This is where people are making mistakes. When they are choosing the fabric for making curtains without using a sewing machine. It can’t be just any type of fabric. It needs to be a durable fabric that won’t get damaged easily. That doesn’t unravel and that doesn’t need seams at the bottom and sides of the fabric.

These are just a couple of fabric that you can use for making curtains without sewing that will look beautiful and that will be durable as well.

  • Lace fabric
  • Nylon net
  • Gauze

Tips for making your own no-sew curtains for the first time

How to Make Curtains Without SewingWith these tips, you will be able to make your own no-sew curtains for the first time. And, you will see that it isn’t as hard or even impossible than what you might think.

The first thing that you should consider, is your final look at the room. Do you want to have a relaxing atmosphere or a formal sitting room? This will influence the type of material that you’ll need for your curtains. If you are making use of hot glue, you need to work slowly and make sure that you don’t use too much glue. And, you need to make sure that your fabric is heat resistant, or you might have a disaster at hand.

How will you hang your curtains to the window? Are you going to use the rings and clips? And, do you have the right curtain rails for the rings and clips? With being a bit creative and doing research you might find some other ways that you can hang your curtains without sewing it, and without using the rings and clips.

Making curtains without sewing it can be fun, but you need to consider one thing. If you are a traditional type of person, like things in your home to be perfect and in a certain way, then making curtains this way, might not be for you. This might frustrate you, that you used glue to put your curtains together.

Of, course, you can consider rag curtains. They do not go with all types of fabrics and they won’t suit most room designs, but if you want to get this relaxed pliskie look – they are the right thing. You just need some fabrics left-overs cut in uneven straps, and tie them around the curtain rod. be careful with the colors – too much bright, decorated fabric and you get a tasteless mesh of rags hanging on your windows.

And as a fun idea for lighweight fabrics, you can pin them with decorative brooch right on top – it won’t take much time and looks creative. But the fabrics needs to be really thin for pins to hold on, as well, as you are not allowed to make any abrupt moves while closing the curtains, unless you want to get the brooch broken.

Everything essential to remember with no-sew curtains

How to Make Curtains Without SewingThis is to recap about how to make your curtains without a sewing machine. Things that you really should not forget.

  • You can use hot glue, but then you need to be careful when applying the glue
  • High-quality fabric glue is best to use for a much longer, durable result
  • Rings with clips are the most popular way to hang no-sew curtains and the easiest way to add to the curtains.
  • The material that you are choosing is really important if you don’t want to sew your curtains and making seams. You should choose your fabric really carefully.
  • You can have fun with making you no-sew curtains, but you need to plan ahead. Making sure that you think about everything before you start gluing your curtains together, like if your fabric is heat resistant if you are going to use hot glue.
  • Use your imagination and all the fabrics you can find in your home for rag curtains that can give new vibe to your room.

You don’t need to wonder how to make curtains without sewing anymore. With this guide, you will get all the necessary information about making no-sew curtains like a pro. By considering a couple of things, choosing the right fabric and using strong glue, you will have the best looking, unique curtains in no time. And, the best part is that you will have fun, without struggling with a sewing machine for hours on end.

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