Knitting vs Crochet: Which Creative Hobby Fits You Best?

In this article, we explain the main differences between knitting and crocheting - from techniques to health impact
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Last updated: September 04, 2023
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What’s the difference between knitting and crocheting? Does any of these crafts have advantages over the other? At a glance, a lot of people could easily look at something that has been knitted and assume that it has been crocheted or vice versa. There are some real similarities in terms of the materials used and the end result. But how knitting vs crochet stands apart?

A lot of people are looking for this sort of information as they try and establish which hobby is best for them, and whether they can achieve the results they are looking for. In this article, we’ve provided some simple explanations and differences between the two hobbies and what they require. So read on to choose the one that’s right for you or fall in love with both.

What is crocheting

Both of these techniques require yarn and needles in order to create things like toys, blankets, and other items. Crocheting is a popular craft, it uses one needle and requires you to use a crochet hook to keep creating the knots, and keep your pattern going. The first loop is actually a slipknot, followed by a chain, which then becomes a chain of small knots creating a full design. There is only one yarn loop.

What is knitting

Knitting means you keep multiple yarn loops on the needles, and each stitch needs the previous to work. If a stitch is dropped it can ruin the whole thing. Knitting still uses yarn but the actual techniques of creating a pattern are quite different. Knitting has been used historically to great effect to create loads of different designs such as rugs, blankets, even clothes.

Difference between knitting and crocheting

So, what are the key differences and pros and cons of knitting vs crochet? Below, we delve into the different areas and help you to establish which is going to be the best hobby for you to get into. You might be surprised at some of the differences, and some of the ways in which these hobbies are actually pretty similar.

Knitting vs Crochet: Which Creative Hobby Fits You Best?Needles and hooks costs

The equipment needed for both, such as knitting needles and crochet hooks, are available to suit pretty much every budget. Though crochet kits are slightly cheaper, neither are overly expensive. Some projects require specific hooks and needles such as circular knitting needles which are great for socks. This might cost a little more. Naturally, you can also invest in more expensive equipment like a knitting machine, which makes life much easier.


There are more different techniques for knitting than there are with crocheting, and people have more choices. There are even traditional types of knitting that originated in different places.

Knitting vs Crochet: Which Creative Hobby Fits You Best?English knitting means that the yarn is held in the right hand, but it is on the left hand in continental knitting, which is sometimes referred to as German. Both create V-shaped stitches that hang off the needles as a part of the process. There are dozens of types of stitch once you delve into the different methods of actually attaching the thread, including the garter stitch. They all provide different end results and a difference in the way the stitches look.

Knit and purl stitches are two main types, and all others are actually just variations. Knit stitches require you to make a loop in the back of the work but the purl makes it in front, it is really that simple.

Crocheting has additional techniques and types of stitch. Some even require extra equipment. The chains twitch is the most basic, but you can also use:

  • Slip stitch to join onto the chain and form a ring.
  • The single crochet stitch is super simple to get to grips with.
  • The double crochet stitch has even more uses.
  • The treble crochet stitch loops the yarn over twice.

Knitting vs Crochet: Which Creative Hobby Fits You Best?There are even more types of stitches Trusted Source Crochet - Wikipedia There are six main types of basic stitches (the following description uses US crochet terminology which differs from the terminology used in the UK and Europe). that can give different results and textures to the end product.

Yarn types compatible

Knitting vs Crochet: Which Creative Hobby Fits You Best?You will have to make your own judgment call on which yarn to use. Similar types of yarn can be used, and there are so many different options on the market today that you can easily make a choice that is ideal for your project. For example, you might choose to use a thicker yarn to create more of a dense and thick blanket. Crocheting means you can also use crochet thread which is thinner and used for really delicate projects.

What can you make?

The only limit is your imagination here. Though there are some traditional things like toys that are often made with crocheting, you can make clothes, blankets, decor and much more. One woman even knitted a life-size Thanos Trusted Source TikTokker knits terrifying, life-sized Thanos from Avengers - CNET The hardest knits require the strongest wills. figure! Knitting is used to make clothes and decorations more often, than crocheting, and has more variability in such tasks.

For crochet lovers we have a simple tutorial for amigurumi toys:

Results quality

Does crocheting vs knitting end in better results? Well, this all comes down to the level of skill and the quality of materials you use. There isn’t one simple answer, and nobody can affirmatively say that one method is better than another for creating a stronger or better-looking end result. The results quality is all down to who has been making the item in question.

Health impact

Knitting vs Crochet: Which Creative Hobby Fits You Best?Over time, these hobbies can cause some joint pain and issues for people who have arthritis or other issues around mobility and joint pain. One technique is not necessarily better than another for people who experience this pain, but finding the right equipment can help. For instance, Ergonomic Twist Tips can make all the difference. You can even buy ergonomic crochet hooks which are made out of softer, more forgiving materials and in a way that conforms to the hands rather than causing blisters and strain. Whichever hobby you go for, make sure you get this level of support if you need it.

Which is easier?

Although the skills can both be learned in a similar amount of time, a lot of people are wondering is knitting or crocheting easier? The answer is that crocheting is more forgiving. One dropped thread doesn’t necessarily have to cause the rest of your work to go wrong, and you don’t have to start over again if you make a small error. This means that for beginners, it is certainly less frustrating. However, the difference in difficulty isn’t so drastic that it should lead you to one hobby over the other.

Knitting vs Crochet: Which Creative Hobby Fits You Best?

Can you combine them?

You’d be surprised how often one project benefits from combining two different techniques. It allows for mind-blowing results. Try this video to see how you can use knitting and crocheting in making one item:

Final thoughts

Both of these hobbies can be both fulfilling and fun, and some of the things you can make are truly impressive. If you’re the sort of person who spends ages looking at craft projects on Pinterest then you will probably love both of these hobbies, but considering whether to take up knitting vs crochet comes down to a few different comparisons.

Crocheting is easier to get started with and you need slightly less equipment, which can mean a brilliant hobby for those who don’t have much time. It’s also a bit more forgiving. Knitting, on the other hand, may provide you with more items that you can create, and different options for the techniques you can use and incredible things you can create. Masters of both crocheting and knitting create some truly amazing items, so whichever you go for, this is all about skill.


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There are six main types of basic stitches (the following description uses US crochet terminology which differs from the terminology used in the UK and Europe).
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The hardest knits require the strongest wills.
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