17 Types of T-shirts: Know Your Basics!

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Last updated: January 05, 2023
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The t-shirt is a piece of clothing that has been around for a long time Trusted Source Down to a vintage tee: pulling on a piece of history | Fashion | The Guardian Cool memorabilia, subcultural signifier – and now big business… Why the vintage T-shirt now gets top billing. www.theguardian.com . Initially, it was considered an undergarment. Hollywood movies and other forms of pop culture propelled the popularity of t-shirts. Gradually, people embraced this piece of clothing. It is an ideal clothing option for numerous occasions. It is one of the basic clothing items that everyone has in their wardrobe. T-shirts have a cultural significance with a long and noteworthy history in the different eras of human civilizations. The purpose dictates the type of t-shirt you buy in the contemporary world.

Certain features of this type of clothing come in handy in helping classify them into the various selections available. The type of sleeves, neckline styles, and fit are among the components that we use for categorization. This article contains insightful information that will help you make an informed decision next time you shop for t-shirts.

Different types of T-shirts

Manufacturers in the fashion industry bring an assortment of t-shirts to the market. You ought to know the features to review to ensure that the variations you buy are in tandem with your style and appropriate for the occasion you intend to wear it to. Below we dive deep into some of the t-shirt styles that you will find in stores. We pay attention to the key features of such garments to evaluate them.

Necklines styles

Neckline design is one of the aspects that allow us to put t-shirts into different selections. Here are the popular styles that you will find in t-shirts today.

Crew neck style

17 Types of T-shirts: Know Your Basics!The crew neck style is one of the popular alternatives that you will encounter when shopping. It is common in men’s t-shirts and features a characteristic round neckline that fits around the neck effortlessly. Although it is common in men’s wear, the application does not stop there. If you are handling a project and prefer to use this type of neckline, do not limit yourself based on gender.

This style is ideal for people with long and narrow faces.

V-neck style

17 Types of T-shirts: Know Your Basics!From the name of this neckline style, you can tell the shape that forms at the neck. The V-neck is another common option for both men’s and women’s t-shirts. The design allows you to wear the t-shirt under other clothes as the neckline will not show. This style is best for people with round faces as it helps flatter their features. T-shirts with this neckline can be paired with almost anything making it a versatile choice to have in your wardrobe.

Henley-neck style

17 Types of T-shirts: Know Your Basics!The Henley-neck style is a hybrid version that incorporates the crew and V-neck designs effortlessly. This neck style includes a buttoning placket measuring between three and five inches. The buttons make it more manageable for you to get the t-shirt over your head. Other than for functionality, the buttons elevate the aesthetic value of the piece of cloth significantly. In the past, t-shirts with this kind of neck style were considered menswear. Currently, we have both male and female variations of the same.

Polo style

17 Types of T-shirts: Know Your Basics!There are different variations of the polo-style neckline in t-shirts. The collared and buttoned alternative is one that you will find when you look for this type. Generally, t-shirts with this type of neck are common among golfers. The design they use makes it an ideal option for both casual and formal fits. When buying polo neck style t-shirts, find a variety that complements your physical features and is compatible with the occasion you are attending.

Scoop neck

The scoop neck borrows heavily from the crew type. The main difference between the two is the size of the neckline. The scoop tends to be bigger than the normal crew ones hanging a few inches below the collarbone. This rounded neckline dips down to reveal a portion of the upper chest. It was a common trend in women’s clothes, but it has become popular in menswear over time. In most cases, the edges have a rugged look.

Types of sleeves

Sleeves are an intricate part of any garment. Some of the common types of sleeves for tees are.

Reglan sleeve

17 Types of T-shirts: Know Your Basics!This sleeve is common in t-shirts due to the comfort they give to the wearer. One piece of fabric extends to the collar. The seam runs diagonally from the underarm to the collarbone.


17 Types of T-shirts: Know Your Basics!Some t-shirts come to the market without sleeves hence the name sleeveless. Tees that fall in this category are commonly worn as workout gear, but their uses do not end here.

Half, three quarter, and full-length sleeves

17 Types of T-shirts: Know Your Basics!All sleeves that reach just above or below the elbow are half-length. The three-quarter sleeves stop midway between the elbow and the wrists. The full-length one, on the other hand, extends from the shoulder to the wrist.

Different fits

The fit is another aspect that sets t-shirts apart. Below we discuss the three standard fits.


17 Types of T-shirts: Know Your Basics!This fit is also known as the body fit t-shirt. It features a body-hugging design that improves the overall appearance of the wearer. The material you pick will dictate how snug the tee fits. Most manufacturers prefer to use different types of cotton fabric when making slim-fit tees and others that we discuss herein.


17 Types of T-shirts: Know Your Basics!Most people think of oversized clothing when baggy is mentioned, but this is not always the case. The slim and muscle fits are not everyone’s cup of tea. Baggy t-shirts are wider and loose at the sleeve areas to give the wearer the freedom they want. It is an alternative for people who do not want the other two varieties.

Muscle fit

17 Types of T-shirts: Know Your Basics!Muscle fit t-shirts are common in men’s wear. It is an ideal pick for people who want to flaunt their bodies. It is a body-hugging type of t-shirt popular among bodybuilders and people with athletic figures as they bring out their best features. If you have the best sewing machine for monogramming, you can consider adding some aesthetics to your muscle fit t-shirt.

More styles

Numerous other features help us distinguish t-shirts and put them in a category. Here are more t-shirt styles you are likely to come across when shopping.

Pocket t-shirts

17 Types of T-shirts: Know Your Basics!From the name, you can tell that this is a t-shirt with a pocket. This type of t-shirt has a pocket on the left breast of the garment. According to reviews on the wide web, the Carhatt Men’s K87 Workwear is one of the listings you should consider. It is one hundred percent cotton and comfortable. The pocket can be the same color as the t-shirt or different. The sewing thread you use can also improve the beauty of the garment.

Hooded t-shirts

17 Types of T-shirts: Know Your Basics!Hoodies are a trend that has been around for many years. Since its invention in the 1930s, this design has slowly made way into other types of clothing other than those worn by laborers. It has an athleisure allure that makes it an ideal choice for an array of activities.

The hoodie adds a sense of style to the t-shirt improving its general appearance. Its application is evident in gym wear.

Graphic t-shirts

17 Types of T-shirts: Know Your Basics!The motion picture industry and pop culture have influenced the popularity of graphic t-shirts in the contemporary world. These types of t-shirts have artistic presentations that are vivid and appealing. The designs can be printed or painted on the t-shirts. You can also convert some of your old t-shirts into graphic ones with a touch of color using DIY techniques at the comfort of your home.

Printed t-shirts

17 Types of T-shirts: Know Your Basics!Technology has improved different sectors of the economy, and the garment production sector is among those that have benefitted from the same. There are several techniques that one can use to print on a t-shirt. You can customize what is printed on your t-shirt and have a unique one in your wardrobe. This has made it possible for people to buy jerseys and t-shirts from their favorite sports clubs and have their names printed on them.

Plain t-shirts

17 Types of T-shirts: Know Your Basics!Plain t-shirts are the ones we wear daily. It is a classic tee with a rounded neckline. In most cases, you will find these t-shirts in monotone colors. The producers use one plain color to make them. It is a basic variation with no prints or paintings. The sewing thread can be a contrasting color but not too obvious.

Having plain t-shirts in your wardrobe has numerous benefits.

Final thoughts

Knowing the different types of t-shirts available in today’s world is essential. The ones we discuss above are available in both virtual and land-based stores. If you are working on a project at home, consider using different techniques to finish the t-shirts you make.

Multifunctional sewing machines will come in handy when you choose to explore the various alternatives available. The Brothers sewing and embroidery machine is one of the options that you should consider. According to numerous reviews, this is one of the top-tier models present in the market with high performance. T-shirts are a great addition to any wardrobe, but you must be intentional about the pieces you buy to guarantee that they will fit with your wardrobe. Ensure that any type of t-shirt you are interested in is good quality and durable.


Down to a vintage tee: pulling on a piece of history | Fashion | The Guardian
Cool memorabilia, subcultural signifier – and now big business… Why the vintage T-shirt now gets top billing.
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