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50 Different Types of Collars: Which One Do You Prefer?
In this guide, we have listed the most common types of collars: from Bateau and cowl collar to straight and wing-tip shirt collars.
6 Best Sewing Machine for Cosplay – Be Your Dream Hero
In addition to crocheting and knitting, sewing clothes to look like some fictional characters is also becoming increasingly popular. In this case, you need the best sewing machine for cosplay that can handle all sizes and types of fabrics. After all, today, you could be costumed as Harley Quinn, while on Halloween, you could be […]
Organza vs Tulle: What is the Difference?
Organza and Tulle are beautiful and delicate sheer fabrics. They have so many similarities that they are often mixed up. To get the most out of them and to have an easier time working with sheer fabrics like organza and tulle, you must have the ability to identify them correctly. Both fabrics can be used […]
Different Types of Sleeves in Fashion to Add to Your Clothes
Sleeves are an intricate part of garment construction. This part of the cloth has both functional and . The designs vary from one garment to the next for various reasons. In the medieval era, sleeves were cut straight with underarm gussets to allow for easy mobility when wearing the garment. Over the years, the construction […]
What is Brocade? – Learn More About This Fabric
What is brocade? This is a valid question, but one many do not ask. People are usually awed when they come into contact with the material, but rather than striving to learn a lot about the fabric, and they are usually fascinated by its richness, design and beauty. Delving further into what the brocade fabric […]
Tartan vs Plaid: The Difference Explained
In this post, we shed the light on the patterns and the pieces of fabric themselves, how they are used, and how they are different.